Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday Stash

New Munki goodies arrived from Kerri at sewdeerlyloved on Etsy. Time to get going again on my Munki Munki Nine Patch.

Just a short post today, because it is beautiful outside and I need to go catch up with this little girl.....

She is on the move and into EVERYTHING! It is a lot of work but so fun to watch her explore. But at least she is going to bed pretty early, so tonight I can get quilting my Far, Far Away quilt. Hopefully I will have it all done to show you next week - I am really loving it!


  1. love ur munki munki stash.....but that little sweetheart takes the cake!!! She is too precious!!!!!

  2. Oh she is just too cute!! And I just ordered the same bundle from Kerri :-)