Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday morning pick-me-up (and the Scrap Bag winner!)

Nothing too exciting to report in my world this Tuesday. Just a few new pretty fat quarters (from the Flora & Fauna and Hunky Dory collections - I see more of both of these in my future), a stitchy pattern book to give me some inspiration for this month's Bee-autiful Bee blocks and a new pattern. 
Has anyone used this boxer pattern yet? Mark has been begging me to sew him some boxers so I just picked this one up and I'm hoping it works well. He has requested Liberty tana lawn as his material of choice after browsing through my stash. That or perhaps some of my beloved Heather Ross goldfish. I guess the man has taste! I think I'll make some up in something less rare and precious first in case they don't fit to his liking.

Time to announce the recipient of the Bohemian scrap pack - it's Karen (badlandquilts)! (Does anyone know how to paste that random integer number thing to their blog??) The scraps grew quite a bit after cutting the pieces out for the back and there are a few nice, big swatches so I hope there's enough there for you to go crazy with!

And this is a little view of what I'm working on for the other side of the Bohemian quilt. I'm sure most of you have already seen this awesome free pattern from Oh!Fransson and I'll show you more as soon as I'm done.

It's been a busy week around here, just returning from a trip from Eastern Washington for Mark's grandfather's funeral (he was 88 and passed away very peacefully). Lucy did really well on her first road trip (thank you new Ipad and Yo Gabba Gabba!) but the fabric hunt proved disappointing. We hit three different shops and no treasures were found:( So much for my fantasy of finding some bolts of FMF hiding in some out of the way quilt shop! Just lots of batiks, ugly calicos and civil war prints!
I'm off to pack up now for a trip out of town again. Mark is whisking me off for a fun-filled birthday weekend in Portland and the Willamette Valley wine country! I'm so excited! Lucy is staying with her grandmas and we are going to hit up some fabric stores on the I-5 corridor and Portland, drink lots of Oregon Pinot Noir and eat at some of my favorite restaurants in the country, including Le Pigeon for my birthday night! We'll be back Saturday to open our tasting room so I'll give you a full report of my fabric hunting when I return!


  1. sounds like you're having a wonderful whirwind time lately my dear!! ;) and i agree... no hubby buns on my rare goodies either without a test pair!! ;)

    xo, Heather

  2. How fun - hope you have a wonderful time! And stumble upon some unclaimed fabric treasures :-)

  3. Oh Megan, I am so excited to win the scraps... I will do my utmost to create something worthy!

    Have a good time on your trip... I think the same think about finding treasures when I go to a store that doesn't have online shopping! Good luck!

  4. Can't wait to hear about the boxers. (buy him a pair of the Liberty boxers at Target to hold him over!) Have a wonderful time . . . Oregon Pinot, Portland and fabric stores - heaven. If you tell me you are staying at the Heathman or Benson Hotel I think I will be jealous of you forever! I have really been missing the Pacific NW lately - especially Portland! Have a great time and Happy Birthday!

  5. Enjoy your time here -- Oregon Pinots rock! Hope you find some great fabric, too.

  6. Yay! I'm doing the exact same thing with my boho. I'm loving the ohfransson pattern

    And, on my road trip last year, I stopped in Tumwater - Ruby street quiltworks. I found pink vans and bikes - I think I bought them out, but they had such cool stuff in there....

  7. Happy birthday!! It sounds like you and hubby have a wonderful weekend planned (i love weekends away with my hubby, it gives us a chance to just be US again) enjoy!! sorry that you didn't have any luck on your last fabric hunt, but hopefully you will have a better go at it this time around. And just as a side note: your story about Lucy and the ipad gave me another pro to add to the list of "why I have to have a ipad".

  8. oh my goodness - the bohemian quilt is even more amazing than I had previously thought.

  9. oops - pressed return accidently!