Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've just listed everything I'm letting go of in my effort to make some space and sanity in my sewing studio! There are some great gems in these bundles, perfect for stash enhancement. Don't forget, 10% off with code CRAFTFRIEND at check out.

This way to the goodies -

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Farmer's Lady Friend and a Destash!

Wow, I've been a lazy blogger! Well, I have had my hands a bit full with little people, but I started these blocks even before Olivia was born and never even photographed them. I wanted to join the Farmer's Wife Quilt-along from the beginning when my friends Amanda and Angela announced they were starting the group. But they are already in week 14 and I haven't exactly progressed much with my mere six blocks. So that's why I'm the Farmer's Lady Friend for now. No strings, just fun, and we'll see if I feel like making a bigger commitment in the future.

The blocks are a ball to make - at least the simple ones I've started with have been. I pulled all these fabrics from my stash to work with, all in shades of red, blue, brown, tan, cream and black. I'm loving this palette and I'm thinking of using Quilter's linen in charcoal as my sashing.

And here's a heads up that I'll be listing a big de-stash this week if time allows. I've been feeling the weight of my ginormous stash lately, especially with my limited available sewing hours and our tight household quarters, so I'm having to say a bittersweet goodbye to some loved fabrics who need a home where they will be used. These will be mostly all bundles, a few really big assorted ones full of treasures and maybe a few more designer bundles (my Freshcut stash is already listed here).

I'll post here, on Twitter and Flickr as soon as they're ready to be listed. You can all use the code CRAFTFRIEND for an additional 10% off:) 

Friday, August 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday *ahem* Friday

ETA- Please excuse me for not knowing what day of the week it is! It's been a little crazy around here. Olivia is growing like a cute little weed but experiencing a bit of tummy problems, resulting in hours of trying to soothe her. Lucy, being two, is behaving as such - and maybe finally exhibiting a bit of jealousy toward her new sister. Top that off with all kinds of potty training fun and you have one tired mama. Mark has been a big help but I think it's taking a little toll on both of us - so much so that we both forgot our wedding anniversary until the evening before! Oh, well, I guess this is all to be expected and at least we are managing to have some fun in between temper tantrums, colicky bouts and diaper changes.

Crafting is the main thing keeping me sane right now, even if it's just a half an hour squeezed in here or there. Here's a progress shot of my latest quilting obsession - my Maple Leaf Rag WIP. I just absolutely adore working on this in the little snippets of time my girls are allowing me, and it's incredibly satisfying to use up so many scraps from all my left over projects. Sorry for the crappy dark photo, but the lighting in my studio is really harsh. But at the rate this is going I'll have a quilt top to show you within a month or two. The pattern is one from the lovely Sarah Fielke in the book Material Obsession 2, and if you are like me and drowning in scraps I highly recommend it. It even uses all those odd-shaped teeny tiny ones. I think it's seriously the most fun I've ever had piecing a quilt top, and I'm quite sure it's going to end up being my most favorite quilt I've made yet.

I'm getting in as much knitting time as I possibly can also and the sweater kick is still going strong. I'm going to need a bigger closet to hold all the sweaters I have planned! My latest is a pattern called
Vanadium, which is a pleasure to knit and I think will get tons of wear. I'm using a delicious madelinetosh alpaca merino sport weight yarn in a color way called Black Velvet. I took this photo last week and I should finish it up hopefully by tomorrow.

I hope you all have a good weekend with lots of crafting and sunshine. Please wish me happy babies and long naps:)