Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday Stash #???

It has been so long since I "Sunday Stashed", I have no idea what number post I'm on anymore. Oh well.
You might be wondering what this totally awesome stack of fabrics you have never seen before are. Well, I'm sure if you are bothering to read this you probably already do :).
This is one of my favorite fabric collections ever, Bohemian, by Anna Maria Horner (and you all know by now how much I love her!) These fabrics remind me of me back in college - I think that is why I am so taken with them. It has been OOP for who knows how long and I have been piecing the collection together through swaps and late night internet searching for the last year. I am now only missing a few prints. It is so cool to see the first of some of the prints we will come to love, like the dots from Chocolate Lollipop and the Filigree and Cathedral Circles from Good Folks.
I have yet to use any of these in a quilt. Now that my Flea Market Fancy is quilted and being bound, I am looking forward to my next big project. Dragging these out of the stash has me inspired! I am thinking of tackling something circular?
PS - If you are jonesing for some of these fabrics I may be willing to put together some fat quarter stacks of what I have enough of after I cut into them - just let me know.

And to continue with the AMH love, I am once again guilty of violating my Fabric Diet. I went to a great little shop in Ballard today and just HAD to pick up some of the Folksy flannels! I think the voile will be a quilt for me someday and the flannel a blankie for Lucia. It is so soft. I also picked up this tote pattern, which I have plans for in the new Echino line (oops, more fabric to buy!)

Well, I am off to finish binding my FMF quilt. Pictures soon - and hopefully better ones than these if I could just find the blasted charging cord to our new camera!


  1. Lovely stash! I just used some of the flannels for a toddler dress, and they ARE really soft and so easy to work with!
    Let me know of any scraps you have left of the bohemian :-)

  2. mm mm mm bohemian is one of my favorites also. I have quite a few prints but I think I am missing the red paisely and maybe a couple others. I just love how her lines have some fabrics that go together so well. the filagree is one of my favorites that she used in both bohemian and good folks. Do you know what pattern you are using for your quilt? I am still trying to decide... but I have like 4 quilts in my head I need to decide on patterns for ;-) cant wait to watch it progress

  3. I'm with you on the AMH love!! Her fabrics are just so gorgeous. I would love to help feed your habit by buying some of the extra when you're done..... just let me know! Looking forward to seeing all the goodies you create this upcoming year. Enjoy

  4. oooh - beautiful..and they would look great in a circle quilt. Have you seen this one:

    Can't wait to see what you decide and to see your FMF quilt all finished!

  5. Hi you have great taste in fabric! I love Bohemian too and have quite a lot of the prints. If there are any particular prints you are interested in that you are missing perhaps we could do a swap?- I have some of the multicoloured cathedral circles which are lovely but I don't see in your picture!
    Cheers- feel free to email me if you like.

  6. Megan, I'm loving your stuff and I can't believe you've only been at this for a year!! Way to go. I saw your post about Ballard, my twin sisters live there! They work at the Blue Dog Cafe - not a good spot if you are trying to lose weight, but yummy food!!

    Just wanted to say hi to a fellow fabric freak. I have a flickr pic of my 18 gallon tub of Heather Ross. And there rest is too embarrassing to post. Fabrics Anonymous anyone??


  7. Girl, you are my hero! are you going to make he ana maria horner bag? I made one the day I went to the hospital, sans stabilizer, it has been my favorite go to bag since then! it holds everything and the pockets are perfect for waterbottles and those plastic tubes of puffs for the baby :) happy sewing!