Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I've been up to......

Well, I can hardly believe Christmas is nearly here.....
I would really like to be posting more often here, but I haven't even finished shopping or begun baking! I am proud of myself for finally finishing the quilt top for my mom's Christmas gift!
Now please just wish me luck in the quilting and binding that will most likely consume most of my weekend!
During my down time, I have returned to making hexes in full force! I was sad to see my hexagon pillow leave, even though I am so happy my swap partner loved it, and I love my received pillow as well. But, I was inspired to start what I am calling "the five year quilt", because making enough hexes to make a nice big throw will most likely take that long. I like to call this quadrant "sunshine and lemonade" ...

And here is a nice big old pile of hexagon loveliness. Don't they make you happy?

And I'll leave you for now with another happy picture - my Christmas gift to myself! I have been on a strict fabric diet for a bit now, but just could not resist in ordering a fat quarter set of all the prints in Denyse Schmidt's new Hope Valley line. It will surely be awhile before I get to use them, but in the meantime they make lovely eye candy!


  1. hope valley fabrics are also my christmas gift for me! aren't they lovely?

  2. So that's me three!!!! I have also been on the fabric diet for a few months but the thought of splurging on the hope valley kept it relatively easy going!
    Love those hex's, I would love to have the patience to undertake a five year hexathon too!!!
    Wishing you and your family a superbly lovely Christmas:)

  3. Love those hex's, I would love to have the patience to undertake a five year hexathon too!
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