Monday, February 8, 2010

Mama's got a brand new bag (and scarf)

Can you believe we actually got some sun up here in Seattle this weekend? It is turning out to be an El Nino winter up here, which is a nice change of pace from the constant rain and cold we are usually experiencing up here this time of year. Mark even got outside and grilled some prime New York steaks and asparagus (grilling while smoking a fine cigar could be one of his favorite past times).

The sun allowed me to get outside and take some photos of my new finished projects. This made me happy since I really am trying to get used to our new camera and all the grey days have not been very conducive to photography. So here they are in a bright little spot of green lawn:

My new Noro Striped Scarf!

and my completed Multitasker Tote!

I'm really loving both of my new accessories. I've been trying to get back into my knitting groove and this was the perfect no-brainer project - 1x1 ribbing in the beautiful Noro Silk Garden self striping yarn. I just love how this yarn feels and the way it does all the work to bring such a simple pattern to follow. The pattern for the Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood can be found for free here. It does take four skeins of yarn so it is by no means an inexpensive project but very worth it for me.
I bought the Anna Maria Horner Multitasker Tote pattern awhile back and just knew I needed to make it using fabric from the new Echino line! If you have constructed a bag from a pattern before this should be pretty easy for you to follow. And it was speedy! I finished it up in about four hours, which is fast for slow little me. I love the size and the big outside pockets. This one will be getting lots of use.

I finished quilting my Good Folks quilt last night! Now just the binding. With so many unfinished projects lying around, it feels really good to finish a few things.


  1. Wonderful Japan love! :) I love Noro yarn...I don't knit anymore (tendinitis - blah) but I made a scarf once with Noro and I think it's my most favorite thing I ever knit. Your bag is amazing - I love your fabric choices.

  2. Makes we want to pick up my knitting needles! Love the bag, I just bought those two fabrics with making a bag in mind . . . love them together! I wish I was still in the Seattle area, we could have great fun!

  3. love your multitasker tote! The fabrics are beautiful!!! Your blog header is really amazing, too.