Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WIP Wednesday, and another new quilt

I know. I can't believe I started another quilt. Mark looked at me like I was mad when I showed him my new test block. Not surprising as I was surrounded by piles and piles of fabric and triangles for my Spiderweb quilt, which I only began last week. 
Do any of you ever have a quilt that has been rolling around in your imagination for just too long and the urge to just dive in a cut is unstoppable? I guess I do often and this idea for what I'll call my "Kerchief Girl" quilt has been brewing for months. And when the baby is ready to be born, there is just no stopping it. So this is my first block of the twelve, maybe eighteen I have planned. More on this one later.

Here is my other all-consuming project, 

the Spiderweb. I'm using all three of Denyse Schmidt's fabric lines in this one. I've seen lots of beautiful quilts incorporating Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope together and I love the look. I wasn't too sure how I'd feel about adding in all the Hope Valley but I'm really loving it the combination so far. I'm planning this in a color wheel layout based on one of my most favorite quilts ever, Aneela's beautiful Watercolor Spiderweb. I just sat drooling into my coffee staring at that beauty and I knew I wanted to come up with my own quilt in a similar way.

Spiderwebs are fun! I sewed my first block all together this morning.

I'm also using up all my hand-stitching time (read: late nights in bed watching Frasier reruns while Mark is snoring) hand quilting all 72x72 square inches of my Little Folks quilt. My hand was forced to make this call after sandwiching this beast THREE times to try and get all the puckers out of the quilt. And it still bunched every time I tried machine quilting it. I'm blaming it all on the voile on this point. Spray adhesive may have solved the problem, but let's just say I'm trying not to inhale any contaminants right now:) Anyways, the hand quilting is going surprisingly fast and I'm already thrilled with the look of it. Just don't say I didn't warn you about backing a quilt with the voile! I've seen some people pull it off, but  I certainly don't have the answer. I am glad I did, though, because this is going to be the softest quilt ever.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you about a new flickr group I just joined, 60 Blocks of Summer. You have from today until September to make 60 blocks and track them in this group. I think it will be super fun to see everyone's progress and help to motivate me to finish all these quilts! You should hop on over and join too!


  1. Wow your spiderweb is going to be amazing! What a great idea incorporating all three lines! :)

  2. The spiderwebs look great! I joined the 60 days of summer too...I need the deadline to be productive!

  3. what lovely projects. and congrats on not inhaling contaminants;)

  4. megan....ummm....I think that I might be jealous of that spiderweb quilt you have going!! It is going to be awesome!! I love that you decided to hand quilt your little folks quilt, it will add the perfect touch to the quilt. I have set mine aside for another day....or year, time will tell when I am ready to try again. For now, what I had finished so far is being redesigned into pillow covers!!

  5. all of these look gorgeous! i especially like your new spiderwebs. that is going to be so wonderful. :)

  6. Those spiderweb blocks are gorgeous! I've heard that voile is a royal pain to baste, even the spray doesn't work well. Once I heard it was old-fashioned pinning or nothing, I knew I wouldn't be making a voile quilt anytime soon!

  7. Was that a preggie hint thrown in there??? Woohoo, if that's the case! I'm having #3 around new years!
    Oh, I am so in love with the spiderweb quilt! It's rad!! There is nothing wrong with starting new quilts!!

  8. yay! go the hand quilting! It is going to look so fabulous and just add to the softness of this beauty.
    And as for the spiderweb...WOW!
    Then there's the Kerchief girls ....holy moly! are on fire!

  9. It's going to be one awesome quilt when it's done. What kind of thread did you use for the quilting?

  10. love the new spiderweb quilt -- and the idea of three fabulous DS lines in one quilt? awesome! can't wait to see more of all of them!