Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heather Ross Studio Sale!

Drawing from Heather Ross, not me! I hope this is OK to post here.

I feel like I won the Lotto today!!!! I skimmed by in mere seconds to what has got to be the coolest sale in the history of sales. Heather Ross herself announced this morning that she would be cleaning out her studio and putting together packages for varying amounts. All you had to do was write her a little email about yourself and what you like. I of course had to blow my month's fabric budget and order the biggest box available, begging for maybe a little Munki Recess or Field Trip! I can't wait to see what the little crocheted lobster looks like. I may pass out from anticipation! Thank you for such a rare opportunity, Heather. It is things like this that make us all adore you even more.


  1. Wooo Hoo.. isnt she amazing.. glad to see you are blogging ;-)

  2. I feel the same way!! I can't wait to open that amazing box!! ;)

  3. I managed to get in on the fun too (but with a much smaller budget box ;) ) I can't wait to see what we all got! It's like the surprise bags I used to love as a kid :)

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