Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inspiration (and Sunday Stash # 4)

Look at what goodies arrived in the mail yesterday!
Japanese Hansel and Gretel.....

and Little Red Riding Hood!

They are so unbelievably cute. I had been on the prowl for both of these prints for quite awhile with no luck. Then suddenly one of my swappy friends lets us know one of her Etsy sellers just got this in stock! Totally made my day! They make me happy just looking at them. Both were purchased from Japankawaiiya on Etsy.

I was under the impression that they have both been long out of print - maybe this is hope that Cosmo textiles is reprinting these popular fairy tale prints? I really can't understand why a textile manufacturer rarely does second runs of the most popular lines? Why not make money instead of letting the secondary market cash in and raise prices (i.e. Flea Market Fancy)? Seems like poor business planning to me, just my two cents.

So by now you may be realizing I have an obsession with these Japanese fairy tale prints. I literally pour over them on a regular basis (haven't yet sewn with them, though. That would mean having to cut them, haha!). I have always loved drawing and sketching and I was even a Fine Arts major for part of my college career, but it has been years since I picked up a pencil to draw. But these fabrics have been such an inspiration.......

I have been checking out Spoonflower fabric designs for a long time now and have decided to start some planning for my own fabrics. I was really intimidated because of all the computer designing involved, but after seeing the lovely designs of Ariel (Pocketful of Pinwheels) and Aneela (Comfortstitching) and a little reassurance that it really isn't that difficult, I am ready to take the plunge.

These are some preliminary sketches and experimentation with markers. By the way, if you love markers, these Copic Sketch pens are far and away the best I have ever had the pleasure of using - but beware, they are not cheap (although I did find some online for about two dollars cheaper a piece than the list price). It feels so good to create in this avenue again!

Snow White is the first one I am seriously working on - trying to go for a very obviously Kawaii-inspired style. Someday I hope to make Lucy a quilt with fairy tale fabrics all designed by me. Wish me luck!


  1. Megan, I can only urge you to go for it as far as the spoonflower thing goes!!! It's such a wonderful feeling seeing your design on fabric and as we are all quilter's we know exactly what type of fabric's we want!!!
    Just do it!!!

  2. Yeah!! That is sooo exciting!! I can't wait to see the collection you create!! It will be fabulous, I can tell already!!

  3. Love the Snow White drawing.I would definitely buy that in fabric.

    Thanks for the Etsy seller link. I think I will see if I can get some of those prints right now.

  4. Too funny! I have these same 2 prints coming from this seller!! LOVE them! Mine have not arrived yet though!! Thanks for the emcouragement on quilting! I made a baby rag quilt this weekend, just to get the feel for things :) I am excited to start an actual quilt!!! It is my goal to in the next month!! Can't wait to see what you create next!! I LOVE the prints for your moms quilt!! And your drawings are amazing!! LOVE it!!!

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