Friday, September 25, 2009

More Hubby love!

My wonderful husband Mark has seemed to have started a tradition of hitting a quilt shop when he goes away on business and bringing me back a surprise package of fabrics he picked out all on his own, with a little help from the sales gals. Isn't that about the sweetest thing you've ever heard? I used to complain that he didn't bring me flowers as often as I'd like him to, but this thoughtful gesture is so much more romantic than flowers if you ask me! Just imagine my giant six-foot-five, bearded man walking into a fabric store and telling them his wife loves Heather Ross and Japanese fabrics - could they help him find something I would like?

When I heard he had to go to NYC without me :( I was hoping he would be able to get over to Purl in the Soho district. He knows I am collecting honeycomb dots (I guess he is observant after all!) and got two colorways of the Cake Rock Beach dots, as well as a couple of adorable Japanese prints and three from the organic Cloud Nine line. The birds are so cute!

I think he did pretty well this time! I'm not sure if it softened the blow of not being able to go to The Spotted Pig and Babbo, though, well maybe just a little bit.


  1. You are one lucky girl . . . and if I remember from your photostream he is pretty easy on the eyes! Love the fabrics!

  2. So sweet!! I LOVE what he picked out for you!! What a guy!!

  3. What a clever man you have! I just bought those Cloud 9 fabrics last week. They are just beautiful. I'm going to have to think very carefully what to do with them. No diving in thoughtlessly. What are you going to do with yours?

  4. I think that your husband may be a bit of a genius. He should do workshops for hubbies with crafty wives. He would make a killing.