Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Stash, Birdie Quilt and a lot on my crafty plate!

Fabric for Birdie quilt, originally uploaded by Lucy & Norman.
So this is a project that has been on the back burner for quite awhile. I just love all the cool bird fabrics out there and decided to start collecting them with an all bird themed quilt in mind. The quilt I am planning I found on a tutorial at Amanda Jean's great blog. I got inspired to show you this after talking to Meagan yesterday, and seeing that she was planning the same thing. I just love it so far, but at this rate it won't be finished until 2012!
Oh well, I just love starting things but sometimes have a bit of trouble finishing them. At least I have come to terms with this flaw.
Here is a scary list of just how many WIPs I have on my crafty plate:
1. Bird Quilt
2. Mom's Good Folks Birthday Zig Zag
3. Old Red Barn Co Wonky Log Cabin Flea Market Fancy Quilt
4. Pillow Talk swap pillow
5. Hand Stitched swap piece
6. Summer's wedding quilt
7. Spoonflower fabric design
8. Sunrise circle sweater (knitting project)
Ouch! That doesn't even include all the projects I have brewing in my head, or all the things I need to whip up for the births of about six babies coming up! Does anyone else have too many crafty things going on?
At least it is fun! My mom's birthday is the 17th of October and I am almost finished quilting it. The FMF quilt is coming along well - I have about 12 blocks done, but I think this will be a big one so I am keeping at it. I should definitely be farther along with Summer's disappearing nine patch, but the backing is arriving next week so I guess I'll get going on it then. Luckily the swap pieces aren't due for quite awhile and the Bird quilt I have just resigned to being an ongoing project. I am not even going to tell you how many various knitting projects that are collecting dust!
Here are a couple of the birdie blocks I have done so far......
Aren't the little owls so cute?

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