Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hand Stitching Central

That's what my bed has become lately. And I love it! Ever since I can remember, I have been big on hibernating when this time of year rolls around. I love pajamas and tea and coffee in bed, wrapped in a blanket, knitting and stitching merrily away. Of course, that pesky thing called life does get in the way that demands I get up and take care of life's necessities, but then after Lucy is tucked in it's back to my favorite  nook in the universe again.

I just started cross-stitching this cute little Alice in Wonderland pattern by Gera I ordered from Superbuzzy - it's the first time I've cross-stitched anything since I was in junior high! I also just ordered a new PDF pattern designed in part by my super talented blog buddy Amanda. Have you heard of her new venture The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery? These gals have some crazy cute patterns already in stock and I can't wait to see what else they will be coming up with! 

On the needles is the Honey Cowl from Madeline Tosh. I had to jump on that bandwagon after my awesome new LYS started carrying Tosh yarns. This one I'm doing up in the Pashmina in Cerulean Blue. It's a gorgeous yarn and a satisfying simple knit which I'm distracting myself with when my Kererra sweater WIP starts frustrating me.
The hexagons are for Brioni's block in our first month of the Bee-Hexed In Bee. I was so honored to be invited to join this group of gals and the block we're making, based on Tacha's Bee Hexed pillow pattern from Fat Quarterly Issue #1, is labor intensive but well worth the outcome. 
That quilt in my lap is my old Flea Market Fancy, which is enjoying some rigorous ripping out of the quilting right now. It's a fun stress relieving activity! Okay, maybe "fun" is not the right word. But I love the quilt, the quilting not so much. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have gotten up off my duff to do a little time at the sewing machine lately - I finally finished up my blocks for the 3x6 Bee. I'm sorry these are so incredibly late ladies! I love this Circle of Geese block, but I sort of lost my steam on them. Somehow I thought machine paper-piecing would go much more quickly, and boy was I wrong! But I think they turned out pretty well and I hope my fellow Bee-ers like them!

And I know you're all wondering what is going on in Blythe land around here, right?

Introducing Miss Astrid! She arrived very quickly on Saturday (I got her from the U.S.) but I didn't want to show her off until she had some proper attire. And what a better welcome home out fit that a little Liberty of London jumper? I've got a stack more patterns (even some knitting ones!) and fabrics to make some teeny weeny clothes from.
Astrid is an Ice Rune, and while she is quite pretty I do see some customization in her future. Does anyone know a good spa to send her to state-side? I might give it a go myself but it makes me nervous. Any tips would be very appreciated.

Thank all of you so much who participated in my big Stash Sale Blowout! It was a crazy few days and sort of exciting but I'm glad it's over. I couldn't believe how fast everything sold. Every time I went to list the next item, the one I had posted right before it was gone! I do apologize to all of you who sat chained to your computer trying to get what you wanted without even getting up the use the restroom! I know, because I've been there before! It's nice to know my beloved fabrics will be going to some homes where the will be equally loved.

I also wanted to ask you to stop by the Moda Bake Shop this coming Sunday, Halloween! I've been hinting around about this for awhile but I can't wait for you all to see what I've "cooked up"!


  1. Hand stitching is my favourite, coffee, in bed, knees up, radio on, love it. Why oh why must they all need to eat!

  2. Loving the colour you chose for your honey cowl and doesn't sitting in bed with a cup of tea and knitting sound lovely! Your Blythe is beautiful - hello Astrid! I seriously want to get another on, I mean, after all, Alice Kate must be very lonely all by herself! And I can't wait for Sunday ;)

  3. Love Astrid's little dress. Hopefully you and I can swap links to Blythe sewing patterns and secrets. I'm sure there's a flickr group already, but if not we might just need a { Blythe } sewing group for those of us who love both Blythe and modern fabric.

  4. Megan, What a fun post. I've made that circle of geese block before and know that isn't quick and easy! I'm also in the 3X6 Sampler Bee (#10)...it's been a fun swap, this is my 4th round.

  5. I am amazed by how productive you are! i really love everything you've been working on. i've been cross stitching lately too, but it is a completely new hobby to me. yours looks great! i have that gera pattern too. :)

    and totally loving your blocks. you are one dedicated woman... those take so long to make! xx

  6. ooo the Tutorial!!! I sure hope so! The Blythe is envious and I got my fabric today and love it. I can not move away from the Dorothy Costume I must finish by Wednesday night. Yikes!

  7. I love nesting in bed too and I don't necessarily have to be in my PJs!

    I was one of the ones that was chained to my chair during your destash. I got on the FMF bandwagon very late and my stalking was rewarded. I purchased your 21 fat 8ths. Got them super quick and they're gorgeous! Thank you!

  8. Loving your FMF quilt (and I recently unpicked a baby quilt's worth of quilting. Ugh.) What color neutral did you use?