Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's ON!

Wow what a crazy morning!  It's nice to know you all are just as nuts about fabric as I am. It makes me feel good I'm not alone! So this is the state of my dining room table today as I'm photographing and getting everything ready for listing.

Thank you all for your inquiries, and I apologize if I wasn't able to contact you personally, but with over one hundred emails today, my internet crapping out last night and chasing after Lucy, I really ran out of time. I just couldn't keep track of who wanted what so I have just decided to list it all up on Etsy.

I just dropped Lucy off at my MIL's house so I'll be listing for the next few hours and probably some more this evening. A few things have already found new homes, but there will be lots more fun stuff. One of the Flea Market Fancy layer cakes, the Lotus bundle and some Bohemian is sold, but I have one more little package of Bohemian and I'm going to list the other layer cake in a bit. It actually feels good to clear out a bit, I think I was starting to drown in the pools of fabric!

As I said yesterday, de-stashing makes me a little uncomfortable because everyone has a different perception of value. I don't consider myself "gauging" because I've never bought fabric with the intention of profiting.  I also need to consider that many of my fabrics are from expensive quilt shops with sales tax and shipped with high foreign prices from Australia, Asia and Europe. I am making an effort to offer the things I'm willing to part with at a price lower than you would pay on ebay or from an active Etsy seller. But please understand that I love all these fabrics and would be just as happy to keep them. I do hope though, that you find something at a value you deem fair and will love as much as I do!

Here is the link to my Etsy shop:

Thanks so much for checking it out!

******Update: It's 6 PM west coast time and I have to feed my baby and spend time with the family. I'm planning on listing more around 8:30. Thanks so much, all of you - I can't believe how ravenous you are! Looks like I'll be getting a Blythe very soon!


  1. Oh, FANTASTIC! I am going to be constantly pushing the refresh button! I feel like this is VEGAS... Commmmmmme ooooon Flea Market Fancy! ;)

  2. Wow. How lucky for us that you're de-stashing! So many gorgeous fabrics. I'm sure you'll have the funds for those Blythe dolls in no time. ;o)

  3. Well, that didn't last long! =) I have been gone all day and popped on my blog, went to your shop and whala! It's gone! Congrats on all your sales.

  4. oooooh, it's so exciting!!!!! What are you going to get with your funds? HAve you seen a girly that takes your fancy?