Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Stash!

Here is a little peek into my Japanese fabric stash! Besides the fairy tale prints, I have fallen head over heels for Shinzi Katoh, Kei Honeycomb dots, Lecien Color Basics, the adorable Kerchief girls and the Elephants. I am sure some of my Swap Friends will spy some of the fabrics they so generously gave to me - they are very loved!

Fairy tale Kawaii! The Wizard of Oz (thanks Bibi!), Snow White (thanks Lisa!), Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella (thanks
Sheridan!) and Sleeping Beauty

Peter Pan on two colorways and more of the crazy cute Snow White

If you were not already aware, I am completely, hopelessly, ridiculously addicted to fabric. I blame it on Amy Butler. When I first got back into sewing, it was her designs that made me realize that there were textiles out there a whole lot more exciting than the garden variety my local shops typically carry. It didn't take long for this gateway drug to launch me over to the gorgeous stylings of Anna Maria Horner, the elusive designs of Ms. Denyse Schmidt, the unmatched talents of Heather Ross and onto chasing that mystical dragon of Munki Munki!

This week I want to share my latest obsession - Japanese fabrics, especially the fairy tale prints. There are many great ones available right now, but of course the ones I have fallen for the hardest are out of print (referred to as OOP) and very hard to find (VHTF). I have left no stone unturned scouring the internet late into the night! These were some that I managed to get my hot little hands on. Thank you also to the lovely ladies who helped me to build my little collection.

These prints are no longer available, but a few of my favorite shops for buying Japanese fabrics include superbuzzy, This and That from Japan, Matatabi, Mwendas, Mountain of the dragon and Nuno plus.

I am glad I could share this with you. I think my mother, my husband, my non-fabric addicted girlfriends and even my daughter are quite sick of listening to me wax poetic about this subject!


  1. oh, yeah!! i'm so glad to see your new blog!!

    your japanese stash is sooo yummy, and we definatley have a lot of the same ones. though there are a few of the fairytales i still need to try and hunt down!!

  2. Hi Kerri! Thanks for being my first ever commenter!

  3. you have FUN japanese fabric- I'm jealous!!

  4. i'm totally with you: amy butler, japanese fabric...yes.

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